Apperian is the world's leading party to secure, manage and deploy enterprise apps to both managed and unmanaged devices.


Apperian was founded by the Apple execs responsible for building the very first enterprise apps for iOS. We quickly brought on mobile app experts representing Android, and then Windows.  For us, it's always been about the apps – never the device itself.

What do we do? We provide best-of-breed mobile application management, a robust platform with a broad range of capabilities around securing, managing and distributing enterprise mobile apps to any device regardless of whether it is unmanaged or managed via MDM.
After building hundreds of custom apps for enterprise customers, we developed a platform to help our customers secure, deploy and manage their mobile apps. It was a natural progression and one that delivered the industry's very first mobile app management (MAM®) platform.  Apperian is credited with pioneering this industry, and our platform has advanced to be the continually acknowledged leader in the space.

Today Apperian provides the most advanced, device-agnostic platform for getting critical "apps that matter" into the hands of 100% of users who need them – whether workers are using managed and unmanaged devices.  Apperian is the only way of reaching every user with a secure experience that drives app adoption.

We give their workers the right access to the right versions of the right apps in a consumer-like way that is incredibly easy to use, manage and scale. If you need mobile application management to secure, distribute and manage one app or hundreds, we understand what it takes to get apps adopted in the enterprise.